Before you visit

Kruizen Puppies is not a shopfront and and requires appointments to visit our property well in advance. We do on occasion have open days to meet our dogs and pups when appointments are not necessary but typically they are a requirement to visit.

To book an appointment please complete our online enquiry form.

Please note that as all of our breeding dogs now live in foster families and not on-site, it is typically not possible to meet our various parents unless they have a current litter on the ground.

When planning a visit, please read the below information to ensure you and your family understand the rules while on-site at Kruizen Puppies to protect all animals and people alike. These rules are in place to keep everyone safe so gaining an understanding of these before travelling to visit is essential so that expectations are not disappointed.

No pets on-site

Kruizen Puppies do not allow any other pets on-site!

We understand that a lot of our families already have pets that they are looking for companions for, however, as we have young puppies on-site that are not yet fully vaccinated, we cannot risk infections and illnesses being introduced into their environment. To assist in ensuring the pup will suit your lifestyle and family, we conduct an in-depth selection process where we recommend the most suitable pups for each family based on their size, temperament and personalities.

Handling pups

While it may seem self explanatory to most adults how to handle young puppies, children need to have this explained to them as they can often become excited in the moment and this overwhelms their logical thinking.

Children are not permitted to pick up puppies on-site, they are still very delicate and can be easily injured. Instead, please hold the puppy for your child or have them seated and place the pup in their lap.

Viewing the Pups

We do not allow visitation of mum and pups under 3-4 weeks of age as they are still extremely small and delicate, please check in with us about a suitable age to visit (most families like to wait until 6-8 weeks of age as they are able to interact and play by this time).

Please do not climb over the pens to access puppies, they are in large runs to ensure they have space to get away if they are feeling overwhelmed. Our friendly team is happy to assist in moving a pup into a more accessible position if your finding it difficult to see all of the pups.

Other animals

As you may be aware, Kruizen Puppies pups are very well socialised with a range of animals and children before they move to their new homes.Β We have many other animals on site and we ask that you please do not touch them without first checking with Angie first, they are her families pets, not part of the Kruizen Puppies experience.