Mog & Bone Travel Feeder & Bowl

“The Mog & Bone travel bowl and feeder are ideal if you’re out and about on adventures a lot with your pup. Benny and I are constantly at the beach, on walks and even when he comes to work with me. It has just made it so much easier to have food and water with him. Both items are super lightweight and compact and come with clips to either attach to your dog’s lead or somewhere onto you. The bowl is also expandable so it can be very compact when it’s not in use. Pricing is reasonable at $14 and $17 for each item, which yes is a little more expensive than ones you would find elsewhere but considering the quality I think it’s definitely worth spending the extra couple of dollars! Benson has even started booping the water bottle when were out on walks now when he’s getting thirsty!” –  @Benson_thedood