Top Dogs Tip #5

Scared of having that naughty pup at the park that wont listen to you? Obedience is an essential part of owning a dog and the training process is best started when your dog is just a pup. The key time for general obedience training begins when the pup is 11 weeks old. The exception to this rule is toilet training, it is essential to begin toilet training as soon as your new pup comes home! Once the pup starts toileting indoors it is much harder to correct this behaviour…. When training your pup you need to first determine if your pup is food or play motivated. If your pup is food motivated you must ensure you have treats on you at all times during the training stage to reward your pup! Pick one trick to teach at a time and spend 5-10 minutes once or twice a day practicing that trick with your new addition. For detailed information on each trick check out our online training subscription.