At Kruizen Puppies, we offer a unique opportunity to adopt a beautiful puppy that will be the perfect addition for your family. Our puppies include Cavoodles, Spoodles, Cockaliers, Spookaliers, Mini Groodles, Mini Labradoodles, and Mini Bordoodles.

About Kruizen Puppies, Sydney

Matching you with your perfect puppy, Kruizen Puppies brings you unconditional kisses, cuddles, and wagging tails — today and for the many years ahead!

Our small, family-focused unit lovingly strives to bring only the best possible genetic line, personality, and temperament to your pup — allowing you and your loved ones to treasure a priceless companion, playmate, confidant, and entertainer.

Under the expert guidance of our self-confessed dog-nut and co-ordinator Emily, our knowledgeable and devoted team happily gives you all the advice, direction, and attention you need — both before you find your ideal furbaby and into the future as you build a loving life together. 

Supported by over 45 years of whelping experience, extensive DNA testing, and sires and dams that enjoy an adoring foster home life — Kruizen Puppies brings a welcome touch of compassion, affection, and tenderness to dog breeding.

From Our Hearts to Your Hands — Learn More About the Kruizen Puppies, Sydney, Difference

Why Choose Kruizen Puppies?

It’s simple — because you and your new pawsome pal deserve the very best start to your long-term, devoted relationship.

You see, our focus is remarkably straightforward — you and your puppy’s happiness.

By nurturing only the most healthy, well-balanced pooches — and then bringing them together with you, their perfect pet parent — we ensure both two and four-legged family members are guaranteed a lifetime of love.

✔ Loving, experienced, and knowledgeable team.

✔ Small, family-orientated breeder.

✔ Puppies raised and socialised with children and other doggies.

✔ Smart, funny, well-bred, playful, and well-balanced furbabies.

✔ Low to non-shedding hypoallergenic coats.

✔ Sires and dams homed with loving and adoring families.

✔ Extensive DNA testing to check for hereditary defects.

✔ Dog transportation available.

✔ Vaccinated and microchipped.

✔ Helping families across NSW and Victoria find the perfect companion.

✔ Toilet training and boarding service available.

✔ Reassuring veterinary support structure.

Discover More About the Kruizen Puppies Different Approach to Designer Dogs

Our Puppy Dog Breeds

With only the most playful, cutesy, loving, and healthy dog breeds — Kruizen Puppies has the consummate canine companion to join you and your family.

All with so much love to give, our little furball varieties include:

Mini Bordoodle puppies
Cavoodle puppies
Cockalier puppies
Mini Groodle puppies
Mini Labradoodle puppies
Spoodle puppies
Spookalier puppies
Sproodle puppies

Are You Looking To Adopt a Puppy? Things To Consider!

Your puppy will not stay a puppy forever!

As your furbaby will be with you for the long term, you and your family should consider what pooch is most suitable for your particular preferences, needs, and home situation.

What’s more, it’s not just about you! It’s equally important that you think about the requirements of your doggie — as you or your loved ones may not be able to give it the environment, attention, or exercise demanded by its breed.

And, if you’re unsure, don’t worry! Our resident matchmaker Emily will happily talk to you about your preferences and needs — recommend options, and send you photos of the most suitable doggies. What’s more, our Puppy Transporter and Doggie Whisperer Ben can even bring a puppy to your home to see if you become instant friends!

✔ Do you already know the puppy breed you want?

✔ What do you want your puppy to look like?

✔ Does your puppy need to be non-shedding or hypoallergenic?

✔ How much space do you have in your home and/or garden?

✔ Is someone at home all day to be with a needy dog?

✔ Do you need an active or sedentary pooch?

✔ Large or small furbaby?

✔ Do you have other animals or dogs in your home?

✔ Is intelligence important? 

✔ Lap-dog or working/sporting doggie?

✔ Do you have young children/infants in your family?

✔ Future plans — are you planning on moving or starting a family?

Are You Ready To Adopt an Amazing Puppy Now? Take a Look at Our Available Awesome Puppy Dogs!

Your Perfect Puppy Isn’t Immediately Available? No Need to Panic!

What might be the ultimate pooch for someone else might not be the most well-suited furbaby for you and your family!

If your dream doggie isn’t currently available, you can join our waiting list — giving you priority on newborn litters, and allowing you to welcome the perfect addition to your family.

Making Families Whole — One Puppy Kiss at a Time!

We bring you the littlest puppies with the biggest love!

Driven by compassion, love, and expertise — we ensure your family gets the furry addition it deserves! 

So, don’t leave it to chance, allow Kruizen Puppies to bestow you and your loved ones with a healthy, well-balanced, vaccinated, and socialised puppy dog — guaranteed to give you unconditional adoration, companionship, and affection today, tomorrow, and in the years to come!


We recently decided that our household needed another dog. Our Bordoodle (also from Kruizen) is now 3 and it would be nice for her to have a playmate at home with all of us out of the house during the days. Our newest little Queen is a Sproodle, Rana, she came to us at almost 13 weeks and is already almost completely toilet trained. The team at Kruizen actually brought her to our house in Coogee for our first meeting, knowing it would be love at first sight, and it was! They have been supportive and responsive. We are very happy with our newest family member and would have no hesitation recommending Kruizen to others. Thanks,



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We have an exciting litter of Cockalier (Cocker spaniel X Cavalier King Charles) puppies due first week of august. Mum is our beautiful Blenheim girl Daisy, Dad is Neo, a beautiful golden cocker spaniel.

Some puppies in this litter have already been sold. Offering for pre-sale now! 

#cockalier #cockalierpuppy #cockalierlove


We have an exciting litter of Cockalier (Cocker spaniel X Cavalier King Charles) puppies due first week of august. Mum is our beautiful Blenheim girl Daisy, Dad is Neo, a beautiful golden cocker spaniel.

Some puppies in this litter have already been sold. Offering for pre-sale now!

#cockalier #cockalierpuppy #cockalierlove

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