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Designer Dogs with a Difference

What Is Our Difference, and Why Choose a Kruizen Prestige Puppy?

We offer a unique opportunity to adopt a beautiful puppy that will be the perfect addition to your family. We are dedicated to planning our breeds carefully and specifically to satisfy the needs of our clientele.

Our dams and sires live with loving families — this forms our foster program. We believe this is one of the contributing factors that allow us to plan, breed and produce loving, smart, funny, good-natured, well-adjusted, and beautiful puppies for adoption.

Our DNA testing gives us the ability to be aware of any hereditary defect expression — this is exclusive of common, non-threatening issues that may be found as a traditional trait and genetically linked to a breed. 

Our team is dedicated, experienced and loving, bringing the best for you and your puppy.

Our Kruizen Puppies Team

We have the benefit of having our coordinator, Emily. She comes with years of experience in breeding dogs and offers sound professional advice in choosing the perfect breed. Everyone has particular requirements, and when it comes to choosing their puppy, we find our clients are always grateful for Emily’s assistance. Meeting our clients’ needs is a very important part of the way we operate.

If picking up your new puppy is logistically not possible, Ben is available to personally deliver your new addition. He is happy to deliver interstate when needed. And, if for some reason, this can’t happen, we have professional dog transportation available. Ben is our Kruizen family “Dog Whisperer” — our puppies are drawn to his gentle and caring nature. Our clients are also in the best of hands with Ben.

We have 45 years of experience on hand with our whelper, Haley, who is always available to answer any post-adoption questions. We encourage all of our clientele to become familiar with Haley when picking up their new puppy — she will equip you with any confidence you may need through the process. After all, she would have been responsible for helping “Mum” to birth your new puppy. She is an integral part of our Kruizen family and we feel fortunate to have her.

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About Us

Here at Kruizen Puppies, we strive for the best possible genetic lines, appearance and personalities in all of our pups. We are a small breeder…. Our lovely dams and sires all live in happy, healthy homes with our foster families across NSW and Victoria.

We are a small team that work closely with our Foster Families to provide the best possible care for all of our dogs. To date, our beautiful Dams and Sires have produced well bred, happy, well adjusted puppies who just happen to be the smartest, funniest, playful little sentient beings who are the perfect fit for all types of families.

Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment and have been socialized with children and other dogs since day one, ensuring when they arrive in their new families, they are confident, well adjusted and ready for their new environment.

Our goal is to provide families with genetically sound dogs that have beautiful temperaments and low to non-shedding coats.

Our new owners Kate and Mike Ribot also believe that well-bred healthy happy dogs with beautiful natures, will enhance any modern family household.

“Our puppies have a way of capturing the hearts of babies, children, teenagers and adults, as well as our cherished ageing folk. We are an older couple and these puppies had such a wonderful effect on us, we felt the need to own Kruizen Puppies.”

Our Veterinary support structure is second to none. We are affiliated with Dr. Andrew Litchfield, who heads up the team at Orange Veterinary Hospital, Dr Stuart Mason and his expert team at Monash Vet Hospital Vic, Dr Jasmin Hyatt and her team at VRC Orange and Dr. Donna Schofield and her team at Petcure Veterinary Guilford, giving us complete piece of mind…..so when you decide to adopt a Kruizen Puppies puppy, you can be confident that you are making an excellent choice!

Our day to day operation is in the capable hands of our Co-Ordinator Emily, who comes with extensive breeding and whelping experience. She is readily available to answer any queries or to have a general chat about adopting a puppy…..helping to guide you to make a well informed and confident decision.

We also work with Legacy Australia, the Starlight Children’s Foundation and War Widows Guild of Australia to place some of our puppies with families who have and are going through some challenging times.

We are proud of our team, our loving families and our dogs.

Our Breeds

We breed a range of designer breeds including Cavoodles and our newest breed, Spookaliers.

To ensure the quality of our puppies, all breeding dogs are DNA tested prior to breeding to eliminate any health or hereditary diseases. All puppies also come with a health guarantee for added reassurance for their new families. As of Jan 2023, all of our Dams and Sires are screened for Hip Dysplasia before commencement of breeding. We offer a practical and well laid out plan for all of our Adoptive Parents as a recommendation for the responsible care of new puppies and their level of early physical activity.

We hope to continue a relationship with any of the puppies we breed and their new owners through Instagram and our Facebook page, Kruizen Puppies Pups……a great way for everyone to connect, say Hi and share common or unique experiences.

We encourage all our families to keep us posted with photos and milestones of their puppy’s progress in their new home.

Kruizen Puppies feed all dogs and puppies a mix of premium foods and a variety of meats and wet foods to ensure all are receiving an adequate amount of nutrition.

Puppies receive daily attention and stimulation to assist in cognitive and physical growth. From 2 weeks of age puppies are wormed every fortnight and at 6 weeks of age receive their first vaccination and microchip. Upon leaving for their forever homes, families receive a puppy pack to help puppies settle into their new homes, this includes a desexing voucher, health guarantee, training tips and general health care information as well as many other goodies.

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @kruizenkennels for updates on litters, parents and other important news.

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