The Kruizen Puppies Foster Program

Our Foster Program

At Kruizen Puppies, we run a foster program for all of our breeding dogs. This allows our dogs the opportunity to live in a family environment and receive love and care from a forever family of their very own.

Our foster dogs are beautiful and kind-natured dogs, who would make a big difference in any of their new families’ lives. We try to match each family with the right dog, and we will not place a dog in a home they are not suited to because we have their best interests at heart.

We go above and beyond for all of our dogs to give them the best possible life. And, we feel that our dogs would have the best possible life in a loving and caring family, where they can receive one-on-one attention.

Foster girls are required to return to Kruizen Puppies to whelp (give birth).

The average length of stay for whelping is approximately 9 weeks in total, 1-2 weeks prior to whelping and 7 weeks after pups are born. However, foster families are welcome to visit mum (and bubs) and spend time with them while they are with their babies.

Our girls are required to return up to twice a year for breeding, depending on heat cycles and whether the dog is scheduled for a break or not. Breaks are planned based on advice from our veterinarian.

Here at Kruizen Puppies, we believe that having our dogs raised and loved in a family environment makes the difference in the quality, temperament and health of our puppies. All of our foster families are personally selected by us, and we encourage them to be as involved in the process as much as they would like to be.

How Can I Become a Kruizen Puppies Foster Family?

If you’re interested in becoming a Kruizen Puppies foster family, please contact us using the form below. If you meet the criteria, we will forward information about our application process.

Once approved, a foster contract will then be signed. This lasts for the duration the dog is part of the foster program. We provide foster families with all the information needed and around-the-clock support to answer any questions that may arise.

Once a suitable dog or puppy becomes available, we’ll let you know. You will be able to come and meet them before taking them home to become part of your family.

For further information on our foster program or to apply, please fill in the below form.

*Note: Our foster dogs are shedding breeds, not hypoallergenic ‘oodles’*

**We have a limited number of foster dogs available and a high number of applications at this time – we appreciate your patience. Please only apply if you meet all of the requirements. Applications are limited to VIC, NSW or ACT families – please do not apply if you are outside of these states**

Apply to Become a Foster Family

  • Orange for NSW and ACT residents & Geelong for VIC residents