“If I’m not chasing a ball or trying to play with my small human friends, I can usually be found asleep at my Mums feet or trying to sneak up on to my Dads chair. I love going for walk but am not too sure about the ducks in the park. My favourite thing is the world is a belly rub”

    • Breed: Springer Spaniel
    • Colour: Chocolate and White
    • Coat type: Fleece
    • Size: Medium
    • Height: 43cm
    • Weight: 18.1kg
    • DNA profile: DNA Clear
    • Temperament/Character: Fudge is a very active girl, Loves people and Cuddles. Fudge is an absolutely amazing mother, doting and attentive. Fudge is much happier being an indoor lap-dog and will take all the attention she can get. Fudge is very loyal, and will give her all to those that give her their attention.

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